It’s not that I’m unhappy, she said

It’s just that…well, it’s hard to describe…

Flat. She said finally

I feel flat

Like all the energy that used to drive my soul has just vanished. And I’m here, going through the motions, but that’s it.

Summer smiled deeply at her friend and placed her coffee on the napkin in front of her. I think I know just what you need. She led her friend to the fountain in the center of the square, her eyes lit up with a mischievous fire.

Mary hesitated


Mary let out a sharp squeal as the cold water penetrated her clothes. For a moment unsure if anger was the appropriate response.


a giggle escaped, despite her best intentions

Stop that!


another giggle

No seriously. Stop it. You’re getting me all wet!


Summer gasped as the counter-splash stung her face and released a squeal of bright laughter

She returned the favor


Both women tumbled into the water, breaking the silence of the square with a cackle of happy laughter, shrieking and playing like children

Mary cancelled her plans for the afternoon and they spent the day together, finally sharing an icecream on the pier as the sun went down

Dreaming and talking and laughing and glowing until their cheeks hurt

Title: Laughter Date: June 2019 Size: 24x36” Medium: Oil on canvas

Title: Laughter
Date: June 2019
Size: 24x36”
Medium: Oil on canvas