My paintings are not of individuals, rather they’re more like feelings. Those very human moments of complex, layered emotions, that are difficult to describe in words. The paintings themselves are layered in texture, from fluid washes up to thick impasto paint.  Vibrant color suggests a look deeper than the surface layer to represent our inner beauty in a dramatic, visually striking way. I choose my subject matter and design my compositions with the aim to inspire, uplift, and empower.

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When I’m not making and sharing my art, I am a full-time doting mum to a very active toddler; a passionate mental health advocate; and am fascinated by mindset, leadership, and the science of happiness. Despite living with bipolar disorder, I take pride in my indestructible optimism and positive attitude. I am a strong believer in creating our own happiness. This fuels everything I do, from the paintings I make, to the way I raise my son, to the way I run my business. I am also a believer in the spirit of generosity, and contribute at least 5% of all my profits to non-profit organizations that support those affected by mental illness. I’ve made my home in sunny southern California where I live with my husband and son.


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Artist Statement

I believe that fine art can be an ongoing joyful practice and a personal journey of self-exploration. When I paint, I try to give myself room to be playful while continuing to hone my skills in representation and portraiture. Rather than produce portraits of individuals, I am interested in depicting moments of humanity and transformation, whether it be internal struggle, personal growth, passion, finding stillness, or reconnecting with our roots.  I depict dynamic, emotional figures including movements inspired by yoga, dance, and athletics to represent the human body as an expressive tool. The use of texture, color, and movement creates pieces that go deeper than the surface layer.


Rebecca Tripp (née Fox) is a British born artist residing in Orange County and specializing in expressive portraits and figurative work.  Her career path was influenced by a well-rounded and supportive family that included creative types like her mother, aunts, and maternal grandfather who was an avid painter and art collector, as well as scientists and engineers like her father and sister.  She has been painting and drawing since childhood where she showed early talent and enthusiasm for portraits and oil, winning awards in school competitions. For several years, she honed her skills under the mentorship and instruction of award-winning Russian painter Tamara Geddes, who passed on a love for rich, vibrant color. Rebecca has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Reno. While working as a software developer and designer, she became an active member of Reno’s underground art scene helping to ignite the city’s revival as a cultural hub.  She now draws inspiration from yoga, dance, motherhood and her personal experience with mental illness, which influence both her subject matter and her process.


Bachelor's of Fine Art - University of Nevada, Reno

Mentorship - Tamara Geddes

Galleries & Exhibitions

2012 Group. “BFA Painting Exhibition,” Sheppard Contemporary Gallery, Reno, NV

2013 Solo. “Mental Health,” Sheppard Contemporary Gallery, Reno, NV

2014 Group. “Generator Open House,” The Generator, Reno, NV

2013-2015 Solo. “NadaDada Motel,” Reno, NV

2016 Member Show. “Every Which Way & Then Some,” Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

Hugo Rivera Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA
2017 - 2018

 [Hiatus to raise son 2018-2019]

2019 Solo. “Radiance by Becca Fox Art” Castelli Art Space, Los Angeles, CA

 Hugo Rivera Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA
April 2019 - present