This is my love letter to humanity. It is how I always have and choose to see us. Who we really are, when we take away the junk we’ve built up around ourselves in our lifetimes. The heartbreaks, the disappointments, the stories about who we think we’re supposed to be, the walls we put up to protect ourselves. This is a story of loving, generous, beautiful, child-like beings who feel things deeply, connect with each other, and live life with passion and excitement. This is a story of the potential we carry in our hearts. To be radiant, vibrant, and  powerful.



Inspired by yoga, dance, and athletic, these paintings feature figures in motion, using the body as an expressive tool. Themes like growth, transformation, and opposing forces are pushed further through expressive dripped paint in carefully selected colors.

 Mental Illness.


This series was created for a gallery installation about mental illness. The paintings were created to provide an emotional experience, inviting them into the world of those severely impacted by neurological conditions, such as addiction, dementia, bipolar disorder, childhood trauma, and phobias. I utilize uncomfortable compositions and markings, along with juxtaposition of imagery, combined with evocative portraits to create paintings that are hauntingly beautiful and ultimately help to reduce stigma around mental illness by visually engaging in the conversation.