Intuitive Figure Painting Workshop

Intuitive Figure Painting Workshop


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Who's it for?

I know you… you’re the little girl who used to make art all the time. You used to love the feeling of putting pen to paper and watching colors meld together in magical ways. Honestly, what child doesn’t? You used to describe yourself as creative and reveled in the ideas that would flow through your head, putting them to paper without a care in the world. And then life happened. You got older. Time got scarcer. Responsibilities took hold. Dealing with life became too important and slowly but surely your art supplies began making their way to the back of the closet, picking up dust, and laying forgotten, like the passion you once had.

Maybe someone told you you weren’t good enough.

Maybe you were taught that writing and academics were a better use of your time.

Maybe you started judging and critiquing yourself until it didn’t feel good anymore.

Maybe someone made you feel like it wasn’t important. Like you weren’t important.

Maybe you just forgot.

Even as a professional artist, I’ve been in that place. In fact, I only recently rescued my art supplies from the back of my own closet where they had been completely neglected for almost 2 years! 

And that whole time, I knew that something was missing.

If you’re feeling meh and uninspired in your daily life or business.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint but never gave yourself the opportunity.

If you’ve been searching for different ways to express yourself but still haven’t found it.

If you’ve lost touch with who you really are at your core

If you long to rediscover the joy of making art

If you just can’t figure out how to unlock the woman you dream of being

Then this workshop is for you. 

What is it?

This workshop is designed to help you reconnect with your inner artist through a simplified intuitive process that allows you to connect directly with the paint and directly with your inner emotional world. Then, we’ll unpack what you uncovered and apply it to all aspects of your life.

The result?

  • Take home a beautiful finished painting you are proud of

  • Reignite your passion for artmaking and release the blocks that are keeping you from creating

  • Understand how to use the visual language of art to tap into your authentic self

  • Learn how to move past ‘blank canvas syndrome’ and detach from the result

  • Learn how to tap into flow state, engage in intuitive decision-making, and maximize your creative problem-solving skills

  • Learn how to create a daily art journaling practice and apply its lessons to all aspects of your life

How does it work?

The process of making art intuitively allows us to switch off the thinking, busy part of our brains and communicate with the feeling right brain. Where the left brain is focused on language, logic, and linear thinking; the right brain is much more raw and wibbly and works in terms of images, feelings, and sensations. It’s more connected to the physical body, memory, and the subconscious. Artmaking temporarily switches off the left brain and lets the right brain take center stage. This creates a channel of communication between our inner world and our outer world, where we can express what’s going on under the surface and turn it into something tangible. If you want to feel more connected to your authentic self, this is hands down, the best way to get there.

What do you get?

  • Private Facebook group 

  • List of supplies and materials

  • Yummy lunch provided!

  • The workshop:

    • Combating “blank canvas syndrome” and moving past fear and resistance

    • Accessing flow state

    • Activating your right brain and expressing yourself through images

    • Engaging in intuitive decision making and creative problem solving

    • Sketching the figure

    • Choosing your own color palette 

    • Losing and then rediscovering yourself through the act of creation

    • Creating a one-of-a-kind, totally you, gorgeous figurative artwork that you can take home and proudly hang on your wall

    • Exploring what unfolded for you during our painting session

    • Establishing an ongoing art practice and releasing blocks and resistance

    • Applying the lessons of artmaking to all areas of your life