Custom Commissions

You know that stomach-dropping feeling when you fall madly in love with a painting only to find out that it just sold?

Or maybe you love the painting but its not quite the right combination of colors to fit in with your decor?  Or perhaps its the wrong size for that perfect spot?

I can create new originals based on my existing collection of work and sketches to suit your specific needs as a buyer.  Together we can decide on a composition, color palette, and size and I’ll create a brand new original just for you.

Keep in mind that every painting I make is unique and comes to life in its own way, so I can’t replicate any piece exactly.  I know you’ll find the end result much more meaningful and valuable than a straight-forward reproduction.

My policy:  I price my commissions at the same rate as my originals and can give you a full quote at our initial consultation. I do ask for a deposit of up to 500 to begin work, with the remainder paid upon completion. If you need the painting completed by a certain day, I may ask for an additional expediting fee.  I don’t do any revisions after the initial consultation but you are free to opt out of the sale at any time and have your deposit returned. I will have us sign a simple contract to protect us both throughout the process. 


I began my career as a portrait artist in a traditional style and love capturing the unique essence of a person’s life and character with my own sensitive touch.

I can create a one of a kind portrait of you or your loved one either from a live modeling session or from photographic references. Ask me for examples of my portraiture work, pricing, and policies.